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– Ivica Kekez, CEO

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General cleaning offers are very popular among our clientele and the service itself is one of the top professional neat service we provide for Split residents and businesses. Our cleaning company have developed for our customers the perfect general cleaning service to match the exact needs of each individual customer at a convenient for them day and time.

Basically we can provide house cleaners just for a general cleaning to freshen up your place. For cleaner homes and according to your preferences we offer professional deep cleaning performed by experienced personnel.They will ensure that your place is safe healthy environment to live in. It is necessary to have your home extensively cleaned once in a month, especially if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. We have the responsibility to sent always reliable, friendly and professional cleaners to residential premises and business offices in all Split areas.

If you are planning a party at home and you are scheduled to have a lot of guests, the after party cleaning service is the one you need to book. All of ours cleaning services are suitable for clients not requiring cleaning visits. The only requirement is a minimum of 2 professional cleaners for 4 hours and more per appointment.

We Can Offer You

Kitchen Area
Wall tiles professionally decreased,cleaned and polished.All cupboards cleaned inside and outside, etc…

Living-room area
General dusting throughout the property. All floors vacuumed then washed. Clean all light fittings, switches, skirting,etc…

Bathroom Area
All cupboards cleaned inside and outside. Toilet professionally decreased, cleaned and polished. Bath cleaned internally, all limescale must be removed.

Laundry Room
Our professional house cleaners will wipe clean surfaces, including the washer and dryer, vacuum and/or mop floor.
Rooms cleaned
Active staff

Our Prices

Minimum outgoing charge is 60.00€ for all services ! Materials, equipment  and VAT are inclusive  in price! Domestic cleaning costs 8.00€/hour

Commercial Cleaning      –             1,50€- 2,00€ sq/m

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